Productivity All Day Long.

Productivity All Day Long.

30 Jun 2018 Garvish Patel

Productivity can be summarised as work that you do everyday has a result or an impact related to it.

But hey,boosting up your productivity ain't that hard.There are many proven ways you can increase your productivity with smart efforts.

1.Being back to Basics from a Complicated Lifestyle.

Our body is one big biological clock,it performs based on the sleep that you receive, type of that you eat & amount of blood circulation in veins.Easy to summarize but hard to actually achieve a basic lifestyle start your day with an hour of just calm realizations or mild meditation for 20-30 minutes.Once you done with that go on for a exercises like swimming,sprints or walks for 30 minutes.What it does is multiply your blood circulation in the body and pumps up your heart and mind.Remember sharp minds never came from Sofaland..!!

2.Breakfast with whole foods.

People dont realize the power of fiber,it made the world one big place.Yeah the fiber we are gonna talk about actually goes into your body..so dont go chasing that internet fiber..Eh!! But really essential fibers like soluble fibers found in oats, peas, beans, apples, citrus fruits, carrots, barley and psyllium actually help reduce stress and cholesterol levels.Start your day with them,they won't disappoint.

3.Time to get social,but only for an hour.

Social media is great way to connect to people,but one thing that it makes you glued to screen for hours before your time is officially consumed.These things are designed that way.Get quick glance at your notifications,reply to important ones and leave it in an hour.No one cares but you do for yourself.

4.Hourly schedules,cause the whole day can be unpredictable.

Divide the work targets by an hourly rate.Try to achieve it.Don't go multitasking..only devices can do that remember..when you do it get messy.Focus on one,work with it & get results..!! Results are much more achievable when you work by keeping time in mind.Get productive get going..!!

5.Small Durations for quick Email and DM checks.

The most annoying thing about focus is if it lost once you are in great loss of work,so set aside that distractions such emails and dm pings,set a 10 min schedule in between hour to hour if you can't stay away from it and if you can just do it in the break time.It is commendable that if you can go through your day without checking your mails or social media.

6.Walk it up for 15 min,come on screens can't make you relax.

Tech has come a long long way..one thing it also did is gave the man dark circles and specs to spare.Take a fifteen minute walk whenever you feel fatigued from the screen that you are looking to or any other work that takes up a major amount of juice from the brain.Drink water because it amplifies the weakened brain neurons from excessive work loads.

7.Meetings eh? Plan it ahead.

Only meetings that dont have a result is an immediate meeting,what does it do?huh.Puts more work stress on you and your peers.Have it planned ahead of the time, like two days ahead.because studies suggest that when people come prepared for meetings it can be super beneficial.Just try this for a week & then continue if you like.

8.Be Accountable,many things are important but not every.

Set some realistic goals which can be achievable in an hour or day throughout.Remember why it's important today or what amount of workload can be decreased if you perform certain tasks related to it.Stop not once you analysed such situations. 

9.Self Awareness, a huge potential.

Haven't you realised that while you are working somethings will always take you off track?That is where you need to be self aware and keep track of these things that tickle you off your main work, set them aside and go on being phenomenal at work.

10.Passion, stay synced with it.

At the end of the day all that effort you put in to achieve a greater goal of yours,never forget that.Because if work done right towards it, is gonna leave with some great sleep & if not you know you are gonna have nightmares of every kind..So be true,be phenomenal & work up to that greater goal.


N.B. This blog is all about get a great amount of productivity out of your day,this may not apply to 9-5 people.Change in eating habits can cause major disruptions in body,please consult a physician  beforehand.

Thanks to "The Noun Project" for the pictures.

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